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Use ampicillin with extreme caution in children younger than 10 years old who have diarrhea or an infection of the stomach or bowel.

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Gastointstinal: glositis, stamatitis, nausa, vomiting, ntocolitis, psudommbanous colitis, and diaha. Ths actions a usually associatd with oal dosag oms th dugs.

Hypsnsitivity actions: An ythmatous, mildly puitic, maculopapula skin ash has bn potd aily quntly. Th ash, which usually dos not dvlop within th ist wk thapy, may cov th nti body including th sols, palms, and oal mucosa. Th uption usually disappas in th tsvn days.

Gam-Positiv: stains alpha- and bta-hmolytic stptococci, Stptococcus pnumonia , thos stains staphylococci, which dnot poduc pnicillinas, Clostidium sp., Bacillus anthacis, Coynbactium xoss , and most stains ntacocci.

Bactiology studis tdtmin th causativ oganisms and thi snstivity tampicillin should b pomd. Thapy may b institutd pitth sults suscptibility tsting.

As with oth pnicillins, it may b xpctd that untowad actions will b ssntially limitd tsnsitivity phnomna. Thy a mlikly toccu in individuals whhav pviously dmonstatd hypsnsitivity tpnicillin and in thos with a histoy allgy, asthma, hay v, uticaia.

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parenteral sulbactam ampicillin has been widely used in cases of community and or hospital-acquired pneumonia, including those due to aspiration of oropharyngeal secretions, and in several mixed infections, including intra-abdominal infections, diabetic foot infections, brain abscesses, staphylococcal bacteraemia, outpatient sepsis and skin and soft-tissue infections, paediatric infections such as acute epiglottitis, and periorbital cellulitis 16 20 .

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