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The captaincy characteristics of kane Williamson mean he will probably be in high demand throughout The Hundred Draft, says Manchester Originals head trainer Simon Katich.
New Zealand skipper Williamson has a strike-rate of 122 in Twenty20 global cricket – a format thats seen because his weakest – considerably below that of West Indies Chris Gayle (143) and Australias David Warner (140).
While Gayle and Warner will take a book price of #125k at Sundays draft, along with Australia skipper Steve Smith (strike-rate 122), Williamson has set himself at the 100k bracket that means he will be available for two, instead of one round of picks.
Katich told Sky Sports News thatwithout doubt there is room to get a batsman of Williamsons character in the 100-ball contest, which gets underway at July 2020.
These guys add more than their batting Kane Williamson and Steve Smith in particular, said the former Australian batsman.
Theyre excellent leaders and clearly have an effect on the remainder of the team and tactically theyre very good too.
Williamson almost led New Zealand to their very first World Cup therefore, from that point of view, he will be in demand Id have thought.
Gayle is a tough one because his kind in the last couple of years has been exceptional, especially in the IPL and a few of the additional franchise tournaments hes played .
But everybody has to weigh this up and see what suits the balance of the team the very best and if hes got a role to perform.
He is up there with AB de Villiers as probably the greatest ever T20 batsman, therefore it will be intriguing to check whether teams want him or not.
While the ECB hosted a draft earlier this week, by which members of the media road-tested technologies and the laptops to be used for the real thing at Sky Studios on 40, gayle wasnt picked.
Sky Sportsmade Williamson their next choice to match a order Jonny Bairstow, Tom Banton and Colin Ingram.
Katich acknowledged that finding the ideal balance throughout the squad is going to be among the principal challenges come Sundays draft.
If youre spending high dollar you anticipate those men to become game-changers as they are quite few and far between but they also play roles where they are going to have a really large opportunity to impact the sport, he explained.
At a draft like that there are going to be some interesting strategies because using three abroad picks there is the opportunity to contract them at any given stage of the draft, so it doesnt necessarily have to be in the top.
It will be interesting to determine the way the game and the arrangement evolves as the innings with 20 balls less than T20 can have a different influence on the batsmans mindset and the way in which they need to begin structuring their innings.
Bowlers will be under stress too sooner in their charms because there are fewer chunks to get on with it.
The Hundred Draft – Live will be displayed on Sunday on Sky Sports Cricket, Sky One Main Event & from 7pm.
It is going to also be accessible via Sky Sports Facebook and YouTube channels, as well as reside on the Sky Sports app and streamed skysports.com.

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The Hundred Draft: Kane Williamson will be in demand, says Simon Katich
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