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As they Start a three-game series from the Los Angeles Angels, the Tampa Bay Rays hope to React in Anaheim.

The Rays are arriving in the middle of a mini funk into California. They lost their final two matches at a three-game series from the Rangers by scores of 6-4 and 10-9 in Texas. The Rays got comfy after a win in the opener.
It was on the heels of a six-game winning series to the Rays. They were also 11-1 in their twelve matches, so that the Rays were scoring hot. It was unrealistic to believe they were just going to keep winning this pace. However, they must prevent a gigantic thud now.
They went on, the Rays are clinging to a spot in the postseason from the American League. They’re attempting to fend off the Indians for its wildcard. Currently, that the Rays maintain a game advantage over the Indians and are a game back of the Athletics for homefield at the Wild Card Game. Without that 11-1 run by the Rays, they’re not in the postseason now, though.
Variance can be an ugly thing to get a team along with the Rays are expecting that the two games aren’t a signal. This series on the west coast in Anaheim is important. By the conclusion of the weekend, they have homefield advantage over Athletics or the Indians, or even may be looking at the postseason from the exterior, in possession of the last wildcard.
There is a lot happening and it should result in an exciting end. Charlie Morton expects to maintain the Cowboys into a minimal for the Angels tonight. He has torched a few games before, although was able to settle down luckily. Andrew Heaney, five-year Angel, is expected to counter to the Angels. Head below for our free Rays vs. Angels select.
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The best pitchers in baseball know how to put performances after season . It’s very tough to prevent a spot here , and also Charlie Morton found out the hard way lately against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid. Morton was pummeled against his former team for 6 earned runs in a 15-1 loss.
Instead of sticking to his team, Morton was all over the area. He could have become that one feeling a little overly excited and it caused a lack of control. His head wasn’t clear that is for certain.
Morton managed to show that it was not a prelude to worse . He got back in the saddle and then also neutralized the Indians at a wonderful outing. Morton held them hits and 1-run in 5.1 innings of work. He had been respectable in his next start, resulting in to Rays at the Trop to a 5-3 win over the Blue Jays.
Morton surrendered 3 earned runs in 6 innings in which one. He has been efficient against the Angels in his profession, as they’ve hit .224 against him. The Angels got to him for a 5-3 win in his latest appearance against them.
Andrew Heaney is ordinary, however, the Angels are fairly comfortable understanding what type of performance they are going to get from him. Being always average is going to have to change in Anaheim by pitching for par, but he will carve out a career.
Heaney posted an ERA of all 4.15 final season and has a 4.30 ERA going into tonight. He possesses an ERA of 4.24 and 1.29 WHIP in his past few outings, together with a 4.47 ERA and 1.31 WHIP in the home. Vanilla Throughout the plank.
His last two outings have been anything but vanilla. As 8 earned runs in his past 11 innings has been enabled by Heaney they have looked a bit rancid. Providentially, the offense stored him against the White Sox within an 8-7 win, however he did not get the same.
He may be average tonight, but I do not think that’s likely to be good enough Morton on Friday night. The Rays got the losses out of their system in Arlington and I find them getting back on track in this one having an important win. Happy Friday the 13th everybody!

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Rays vs. Angels MLB Pick – September 13th
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