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Although ctain mdicins should not b usd togth at all, in oth cass twdint mdicins may b usd togth vn i an intaction might occu. In ths cass, you doctmay want tchang th dos, oth pcautions may b ncssay. Tll you halthca possional i you a taking any oth psciption nonpsciption (ov-th-count [OTC]) mdicin.

Ctain mdicins should not b usd at aound th tim ating ood ating ctain typs ood sinc intactions may occu. Using alcohol tobaccwith ctain mdicins may alscaus intactions toccu. Discuss with you halthca possional th us you mdicin with ood, alcohol, tobacco.

Considations tmak bconsuming paactamol: Th isk th mdicin must b considd bconsuming it. Th halth ca possional should b potd any allgy latd poblms. a pson acing allgy, on should caully ad th labl bconsuming it. Intaction 2 paactamol can pov tb atal somtims. Th dosag, tho, ths mdicins should b consultd with th docto. This bing said, th a ctain mdicins which act bst whn thy a consumd togth. Th outcom th ct is basd on th disas on is acing. Th ctivity this mdicin can gt inluncd i th patint has a histoy abusing alcohol, sud om liv and kidny disass in th past tc.

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