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Research shows that many people now watch the majority of their content online and use their mobiles for all callsIf this sounds like youyou could opt for a broadband-only planIf you do want to get broadband without a phone linethe table above can show you the deals available in Clarina.

When you switch to an eir phone planyou can keep your existing telephone line and number in placemeaning everyone will be able to reach you on the same number as alwayseir also allows you to make and receive home phone calls calls to or from your landline via your mobilesmartphone or laptop.

Fibre broadband is the quickest type of broadband connectionand as a result it can be more expensive than the likes of ADSL broadband.

The vast majority of broadband providers these days will provide a router to allow you to connect many devices to your home broadband via WiFi.

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