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Gadlss indication, in patints with mild hpatic dysunction (Child-Pugh sc5-6) a dos 60 mg onc daily should not b xcdd. In patints with modat hpatic dysunction (Child-Pugh sc7-9), gadlss indication, th dos 30 mg onc daily should not b xcdd.

Antacids: Antacids dnot act th phamacokintics toicoxib ta clinically lvant xtnt.

Acoxia livs pain and inlammation with lss isk stomach ulcs compad tNSAIDS.

Cyclooxygnas is sponsibl gnation postaglandins. Twisooms, COX-1 and COX-2, hav bn idntiid. COX-2 is th isoom th nzym that has bn shown tb inducd by po-inlammatoy stimuli and has bn postulatd tb pimaily sponsibl th synthsis postanoid mdiatos pain, inlammation, and v. COX-2 is alsinvolvd in ovulation, implantation and closu th ductus atiosus, gulation nal unction, and cntal nvous systm unctions (v induction, pain pcption and cognitiv unction). It may alsplay a ol in ulc haling. COX-2 has bn idntiid in tissu aound gastic ulcs in man but its lvanc tulc haling has not bn stablishd.

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