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How to use alavert tablet.

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Information about Alavert.

Although ctain mdicins should not b usd togth at all, in oth cass twdint mdicins may b usd togth vn i an intaction might occu. In ths cass, you doctmay want tchang th dos, oth pcautions may b ncssay. Whn you a taking this mdicin, it is spcially impotant that you halthca possional know i you a taking any th mdicins listd blow. Th ollowing intactions hav bn slctd on th basis thi potntial signiicanc and a not ncssaily all-inclusiv.

Tatmnt asthma in patints not adquatly contolld on a long-tm asthma contol mdication [g, inhald coticostoid (ICS)] whos disas waants initiation both an ICS and LABA. Maintnanc tatmnt COPD, including chonic bonchitis and/mphysma. Tduc xacbations COPD in patints with a histoy xacbations.

This mdicin must b usd with a shot-acting mdicin (g, albutol) an asthma attack asthma symptoms that nd attntion ight away.

Mqunt administation a gat numb inhalations (mthan 1 inhalation twic daily) th pscibd stngth ADVAI DISKUS is not commndd as som patints a mlikly txpinc advs cts with high doss salmtol. Patints using ADVAI DISKUS should not us additional LABA any ason. [S Wanings and Pcautions (5.3, 5.12).]

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best for alavert is best for adults and children suffering from allergies and sinus pressure.

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