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Lvls BACTIM in bast milk a appoximatly 2 t5% th commndd daily dos pdiatic patints ov twmonths ag. Th is ninomation gading th ct BACTIM on th bastd inant th ct on milk poduction. Bcaus th potntial isk biliubin displacmnt and knictus on th bastd child [s CONTAINDICATIONS ], advis womn tavoid bastding duing tatmnt with BACTIM.

At initial nty intth vial, th maining contnts must b usd within 48 hous.

Postatitis: 1 DS tab 2 gula-stngth tabs PO q12h x 14 days 2-3 months i chonic inction.

Asptic mningitis Convulsions Piphal nuitis Ataxia VtigTinnitus Hadach.

Sulonamids should not b usd ttat goup A bta-hmolytic stptococcal inctions; thy will not adicat stptococcus pvnt humatic v.

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