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Ian McCall was supposed to combat Dustin Ortiz at UFC Fight Night 73 but unfortunately had to pull out because of injury. McCall (13-5) caught up with MMAOddsBreaker on Episode 115 of The Parting Shot Podcast that Sunday to discuss his most recent injury. Injury that forced him from Dustin Ortiz fight at UFC Fight Night 73″I have a tear in my shoulder, in my labrum and a tear from my own nostrils. I mean I’m literally in the doctors now speaking about it. It is what it is, we train hard and I’m brittle apparently. I must pull out of a lot of s**t. It stinks, but when you train as hard as I do and you have been doing this as long as I do, its part of the game.“ Career Plagued with Injuries“My UFC career has been just been plagued with injuries and it is frustrating. This is my chief source of income, I still have other things I do however, this is my principal source. I’ve got a little girl to feed, I feed my own and it stinks. However, on another note, this really is my passion; this is what I really like to perform. I’m 31 years old, I am not getting younger I have been in struggles for 13 decades. To see my body neglect me time and time again it’s hard. It’s one of these things it makes you wonder a lot. I am such a healthy person, my loved ones is like amazingly healthy, and you know my daughter has to have a really strict diet. I’ve had my hip, groin tear, which is awful. I am sure I will need to get a hip replacement eventually. I’ve had three hand surgeries. I got into an automobile crash not long ago and messed up my shoulder. It is always something, but it is far better than having a real job.“ Being Positive and Optimistic“A lot of my life I’ve been a pessimist to become honest. I look at it in various ways, it might be worse, I could be dead. I could have lost full use of my arm or anything. There are a whole lot of things I consider. I have to maintain a positive attitude because I have to be a good role model for team-mates along with my little one. It is one of those things I am not going to sit around and sulk. That is what it is, I’ll be al right.“ Ideas on Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson II in UFC 191″Demetrious is ever evolving and I believe that now he’s discovered a bit more power in his punches. His overall game is always changing and becoming better. I think he’ll conquer Dodson, is he going to finish [him]? I really don’t know. I think this is one man he will have a hard time completing. He finished Horoguchi with one second left, as much as I wish to beat his face , he’s incredible. He is the exact man you want as winner in regards to performance. I’m going to go with him on this one for sure.“ Reduction to John Lineker“Oh man that was huge. I got too emotional; I showed the very first round I could definitely beat him. People were like’Oh he is a bantamweight‘ I do not care; the man still is not very good I must have overcome him. I believe I showed that you are not likely to knock me out even though you are a big puncher. My face will split open until you knock me out and that’s precisely what occurred. With me it’s outside matters, they constantly distract me, woman issues or what have you. I just kind of dropped after that first round. I am smart enough to know that I was going to drop that fight sitting backstage. Anthony Kiedis and Dane White came about and said hello and I am just kind of love, I’m screwed. That was a mental thing, that’s always been my biggest downfall. I have a brand new mental coach, he is my mind Sherpa. He’s overall made me a much better person. So far as goes, he is a big part of it.“ Feeling Overlooked in Flyweight Division“I wouldn’t say overlooked, there’s other people to talk about. I blew it with John; I screwed up in this fight. So perhaps I do not deserve to be talked about it. Let’s state this harm is just 6 months, they will talk about me after that, that is fine. You can find other people that deserve it. It does matter how good I could be or how good I am, it is not my turn. DJ needs individuals to fight, the branch needs people to shake and move and make a big stink. I do not mind it, it’s cool, whatever.“ Raising a daughter as one father“Yeah it’s not simple; realistically I don’t know anything about women. I know how to get one in bed that is about it. I sit there sometimes and stare at her like’what is happening?‘ Do not cut your hair, do not put soap in areas, like I do not know. Realistically I have a lot aid, I live together with my dad. My father got a divorce, he said proceed in, and I’ll help you out. My dad’s retired so he kind of plays mommy on a daily basis. My step mother is still around; my kid’s grandma is about so I do have a lot of assistance. So I am not going to say I’m doing this alone, because I am not. It requires a village to raise a baby and I received a village of folks around me. Even though there are times where I must take her into the gym, there is always someone there. She is pretty damn independent I will take her to the shore; she can run around and swim on her own. She’s going to be fine.“ UFC Reebok Uniforms“I’d like to work for a fashion design firm; the only real fighters I hang out with are either people I’m forced to hang out with or my friends. I hang out with artists, fashion designers and musicians and materials. They’re hideous, such as Jose Aldo stated we look like f***kin Power Rangers. The gear is really comfortable; obviously Reebok creates a fantastic product. I really don’t know who left the layout, regardless of what generation we’re in 80’s 90’s, that doesn’t match anything, it is just awful. But maybe I’m wrong; maybe I’m looking for something a bit cooler looking. Its performance based gear; that is all that matters. It is an evolution of the game. We needed it to excel, sure we’re not going to get paid that much cash but it is what it is. In case you’ve got a issue then quit, these are the numbers we must manage. Now if you are smart and you can market yourself and advertise yourself in ways like I have. I have outside patrons; I’ve Layrite, which is similar to a hair and mustache product. I have got a great deal of clothing and lifestyle companies. I receive a lot of exposure from stuff like this. People will need to learn t to step away from the box, make money for themselves and also have a smart agent“ Thoughts on Reebok Deal“Yeah that would have been fine, but at exactly the exact same time they run a small business. They run a multi-billion dollar company that is a premiere sports league. If you see the machine which is the UFC, from the inside it’s incredible. The people are excellent; the business layout is just amazing. I would never say anything bad about how it’s all run, it’s amazing if you enjoy company. The matter is they did not have to consult with us because it’s their organization. We’re a commodity; as much as I wish to say trendy we ought to be earning money like baseball, football and basketball. Because we should we’re actually putting our lives at stake. But we are not and I do not wish to estimate Urijah Faber, he said’I never got into this for the cash‘ frankly I get it, I am a businessman.“ Outside sponsors“Financially I am always going to be ok. I am always going to find ways [to make money]. I have part of a social networking company, I own a series I host called Direct Endorsement, and it’s a big charity thing. I have other things that’s going to make me money, therefore I will be fine. I really do feel for men that don’t have much else or men that aren’t that smart. But that’s their own fault, figure out it it’s not rocket science“ Being on Joe Rogan’s“Fight Companion“ show“Yeah I was speaking to Joe not too long ago. I have a developing friendship with Joe for a long time, we always talk about it but it is a tiny bit of a drive from my house with all the traffic. I will be up there shortly, I have to do some stuff in the region so that I’ll be on there shortly.“ You follow Ian on Twitter @Unclecreepymma and his sponsor DirectEndorcements.com. You may listen to the full audio version of this interview on Episode 115 of The Parting Shot Podcast this Sunday.

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