were The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold amazing in story

were The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold amazing in story

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Elder scroll games were allways weak in battle, but were The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold amazing in story, rpg facets, choices, huge world. Bethesda dumbs down narrative and rpg aspect forcing you to be Nora or her husband, or to be a allmighty dragonborn. Combat remains weak, to state the best... after enjoying Automata or MHW (omg that is a suitable monster killing)... siiigh... One thing which remains is huge world. Boring and pointless.Seems that just thing flourishing in Skyrim today, and somewhat maturing in FO4 too - are sex mods.

I believe blades prob wont have a system, and only a gear and stat system, making it not really a elder scrolls game, I hope im wrong, but it feels like thats what they could do.An Elder Scrolls game with the primary release being Android and Iphone. This is going to suck, just like every other title that started on mobile phones.I'm not expecting Blades to be super in depth so if it's easy enough to be something in which I run through a cave or dungeon while I am taking a shit or in transit then I am fine with it.Why could I a grown person be enjoying a video game on my mobile phone? Notice the way they wont release what everyone wants (elder scrolls 6) and keep pushing out horseshit cash grabs.Its like they blow off their most lucrative game is one where people got 8 years ago they resold 4 occasions, although it was just a modder platform.

Its laughable how little time, money and care Bethesda invests in their names. Howard can be as cool as he desires too amongst still loyal lovers but the standing of the company has been damaged almost beyond repair. If The Elder Scrolls 6 is anything other than"match of the year" quality they won't ever recover. Cant think how they decided to self destruct over a quick cash grab. Now this isn't Howards fault of course. Maybe deep down inside he is just as annoyed as the fans he must sell these crappy excuse for a buy TESO Blades Gold game monetization schemes.Bethesda is dead to me,they made it clear they don't care about the narrative's the make or the IP's they grip. 'd fo76 never arrived I might have preordered a 1,000$ variant of this Elder Scrolls 6. Now though I will wait months following its established before I purchase it.
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