It was the fitting process of an easy vanity

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It was the fitting process of an easy vanity

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How to Get Higher Conversion Rates ECommerce Articles | April 7 Breeland Speaks Hoodie , 2005

Conversion rate refers to how many visitors must see your content before they take some action. To most of us, that action is purchasing a product. As we all find out, it doesn?t matter how big your list is or how much traffic your site receives if you can?t get a desirable conversion rate from your sales pitch (your website).

This article will outline a few simple steps that will, over time Chris Conley Hoodie , improve your website?s conversion rate.

One of the most common mistakes that internet marketers make is using bulky, cumbersome paragraphs on their websites. Do not do this!

The surfers that see your page are generally there to find the information they want QUICK. By breaking up your paragraphs into one or two sentences you dramatically improve readability.

Surfers are happy to read as long as they keep getting solid, free information in short, understandable ?bursts.?

Most of us knew that. Listen up and I will set forth an idea that will improve your conversion rate FAST.

While most of us understand that breaking up sentences helps keep our audience reading along Mitch Morse Hoodie , we forget something very important. What is it? Give up?

The answer is this: the keyword (or key phrase) that the user keyed in to begin his quest for your information!

Think about it. Lets say you wanted to make money as an affiliate for a certain online casino. Certainly the surfer who types in ?online casino? is looking for your sales pitch (your website). The surfer who types in ?best online casino deposit bonus? is also someone you would like to attract to your site (your sales pitch).


A webpage describing the available games, number of people currently using the casino, etc. would make a much better page for the one who searches for ?online casino.? And an entire page outlining the deposit bonus and its benefits would do a better job for the second surfer.


So, how do I put something like that together Chris Jones Hoodie , Wes?

Glad you asked! Here?s how:

After you become an affiliate, you have to lay out a ?net? of extremely targeted pages like the ones I described above. You should focus on one keyword or key phrase per page. Even though you are going to be linking them all to the same place (using your affiliate ID), the surfer won?t know this. Even though you are going to be putting every page in the same domain, the user probably won?t know this.
Make sure you spend your time working on the content for each page. Your goal is twofold Travis Kelce Hoodie , and the better you accomplish both of these goals, the better your conversion rate is going to be.
First, you want that page to be ?keyword rich.? This is something that Google LOVES. You can easily do this without sending prospects away because you know exactly what your targeted audience is (the people who searched for THIS keyword or key phrase!).
Second, you want to give yourself the best chances of nabbing this customer! How? Think of AT LEAST FIVE solid bits of information that a person who searched for your keyword could be looking for. Add a touch of personalization to your recommendation and voila Justin Houston Hoodie , you have made a better mousetrap!
Make sure those five solid bits of real information are pertinent to the keyword or key phrase that you have isolated for this particular webpage.
Now when surfers look up those keywords and key phrases they find your specialized site built just for the surfer! It?s a win-win situation! That?s what the surfer was looking for, and you were right there with just that!
Imagine the power of this system once you have 5 targeted pages that work as one to promote the same thing. Couldn?t you think of 10? Why haven?t you stopped reading?
Get out there and start FOCUSING on your CUSTOMERS. To catch your customers, you must find out what each one will be looking for. At first it will be easy to identify what keywords or key phrases that most of your customers will be looking for.
But if you apply yourself you can discover whole TREASURE TROVES of customers that you might not have thought about before! Open your mind and try to picture a customer and what he or she might be typing into their search engine at night!
By providing the best information on a given keyword or key phrase, you maximize your ability to catch those customers. With time and experience Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Hoodie , you can experience the powerful effects of micro-targeted websites that produce much higher conversion rates. Janine Holub
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