Seeing what is going to occur in the shadow realm of MS2

Seeing what is going to occur in the shadow realm of MS2

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In any case, in summary: I believe that if we thought of any other significant methods individuals would be interested in spending money on this MS2 Mesos game, we can make Nexon inclined to let cubes and security scrolls to simply be part of the game, and not the Money Shop. If GMS can't apply the changes they could present the ideas to the KMS team at a meeting of sorts.

One of my thoughts was to remove duration equipment covers completely, so that people do need to spend money to keep their appearances the way. To me, it seems that it had been the original intent of the Cash Shop! Also, an increase in the price of appearance Fusion Anvils in addition to including considerably more fancy/awesome looking under-leveled equipments in-game would be an extremely welcome change. I only found one knuckle appearance (Blackbeard's Knuckle) I was curious and happy in fusing with my existing weapon, which I did wind up doing.

Folks ought to be able to put in time and also be in a position to produce results Marcella255, by PLAYING THE GAME. I understand"premium aspects" as things which are aesthetic-oriented, or time saving; 2x exp vouchers twice your exp, which means you level in 1/2 the moment. That's reasonable. If you've really played this game for end-game, you'd know just how many cubes are needed to even be able to beat up Magnus on normal mode. It's not realistically feasible to do this in sport, and as Its2Sharp4U stated, there are mechanics related to harm that are not even available outside the Money Shop.

If Nexon will try it, they might too call themselves F2P, but then have a paid membership available for additional content like Runescape or some thing. At least then it would be understood and clear exactly what the goals are.

I'm not in charge, nor did I think that it was the most effective thing. It was a thought. I have posted this on basil and someone suggested having more focus, and promoting the permanent design boxes more there. I believe that's a really good idea as well.

Seeing what is going to occur in the shadow realm of MS2 Official MapleStory 2 Wiki, I can not wait to watch what is going to occur when parties meet each other and clash in those PvP/PvE maps. I thought there was only game type to get pvp in MS2 however, the PvE/PvP seems like a cool idea in maps. I like how there is going to be places with fun to perform with parties.
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