Problem with MP3 compatibility on the High Performance

Problem with MP3 compatibility on the High Performance

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I received my new Volvo V40 with a T3 engine. Among others it is equipped with a 7 inch High Performance Multimedia & the Premium sound multimedia systems (order codes # 831/830). So one day … I created a USB stick with mp3 songs (approx. 30 files), which all paly excellent in my laptop, or in my other car’s multimedia system. But when I used this USB stick at my new V40, I noticed the following. Some songs do not play at all. I get the message: “Unrecognized file format” (or something like that) and it just skips to the next song, which plays OK. But I assure you that there is nothing wrong with the mp3 files I am trying to play. They are 100% standard format and they DO PLAY at e.g. my wife’s Nissan Juke multimedia system. I think this sounds like a Software update issue on the High Performance Multimedia system, but I am wondering if anyone had similar problems.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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