vanilla beta rerolled on wow classic gold almost all server

vanilla beta rerolled on wow classic gold almost all server

Příspěvekod Rskingdom » stř 26. čer 2019 9:04:26

I played so I understand all location and horse spawn type/level/name vanilla beta rerolled on gold in wow classic almost all server. I know that private servers are only about 20% like vanilla. Virtually all mining and plant vein place are not where they have been, many lacking and several additional location (don't understand why they havent used gatherer databases for location and type), their type also different and the"infrequent" vein spawn mechanism is non existent (fixed gold or truesilver etc. place even tought in vanilla any mithril iron and such had a percent chance to spawn their rare equal ), pursuit item locations are different (for instance tanaris Gahz'ridian decoration things near ogres have a different place on earth and many missing), about 80 percent of the dinosaurs spawn in another place, have distinct movement paths. Their level was generally random +/- 1 level, on personal servers they respawn exactly the same lvl and kind.

In vanilla we needed to kill other kind of mobs for randomly devour the ones which we needed for instance killing fighters to spawn magi or shaman mobs etc and murdering an lvl 56 could respawn as 57 or 58, of course many were fixed each location in vanilla as well but not.) Different behavior, quest mechanics on escort quests are usually different and waypoints and paths, for example most chicken escort quests have lil different waypoints and ambush mobs spawn location and lvl or their number were different. Mob flee mechanics are wow classic gold distinct (direction and speed). Those notice these who quested/leveled in vanilla 20-30+ character.
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