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Mp3 download programs correct way to enter artist name?

PříspěvekNapsal: pát 20. črc 2018 15:50:28
od spadekevin

I have been trying out many android apps that cater to mp3 downloading. Many of them have the same problem which has me scratching my head regarding the intention of the developer. The issue is when I type in the artist full name like artist_firstname artist_lastname the app does not parse the line completely and only returns songs with the first name of the artist which is essentially useless. Obviously when such type of app works correctly, the songs returned relate to the artist complete name (first and last names). I have tried putting a dash in between the first and last name, a comma, putting the complete name within single or double quotes etc. All these rational attempts typically just yields errors or nothing is returned. Does anybody know what the "secret sauce" is to make this work correctly?

Please help.

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