Helpful Posts about 3D

Helpful Posts about 3D

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New and Improved Version

Freebies (Modellers ETC.)
-DeleD 3D
-JT Edit

-List + Reviews of 3D Modelers

Hints, Tips, FAQ's and Tutorials
-[VIDEO TUTORIALS] Making Models in Wings3D Easily
-Full Tutorial w/Images on 3D Map Creation
-Cloth Texturing Tutorial
-mesh deform control in DB useing limbs
-Finding DBP's Scale Compaired to your 3D Package
-3D Lowpoly modeling & Texturing Tutorial Links
-Human Proportion Helper Sites
-The Ultimate BSP Thread
-Milkshape Mesh-Deformation Export Settings
-Simple, Yet Effective Rendering in MS3D
-The Ultimate Shader Thread v2.0
-DBO to .X Converter
-GMax - It's Illegal to use with DBPro. End of story.

For those whos post was deleted - Sorry The top was just getting too full! This way there will be one glossary of helpful links, which will hopefully help serve the community.

If you have any helpful links, post them up here!


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