Show Stratosphere used in popular song cover?

Show Stratosphere used in popular song cover?

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As an aging 'classic' rock guy and player of the actual analogue instrument, I've been surprised how large the learning curve has been learning how to program/sequence music thru my DAW (Fl Studio 11). I've come a long way from when I first started, and I've found I learn and retain the quickest when led by example, especially via video.
That being said, something i truly believe would be not only beneficial to me but tons of your customers would be if you guys could make a video showing how to use Stratosphere to recreate a popular song. This would be incredibly helpful in so many ways, especially to your 'crossover' customers like myself, musicians that are moving from real life ability and experience to virtual.

You might have a much better suggestion as to what song to cover if you do decide to do this, I myself thought of 'Fight the Good Fight' by Triumph, because it has single line playing, power chords, muted playing, clean and distorted. Please note I'm not talking about covering the entire song, just up to say, the completion of the first hook? And just the guitar parts, and it doesn't have to match effects wise, just show us how to program/sequence it in a typical piano roll. I don't see that there would be any licensing issues that I'm aware of, since your not trying to profit off the song nor claim it as your own, you would know more about that than myself. And it doesn't have to be this song, I just want it to be something most of your customers are familiar with.This would be extremely helpful Greg, and would help on other products too, and future offerings, I don't see how this isn't a win win all around, how bout it amigo?

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