Entertainment in Himself's head?

Entertainment in Himself's head?

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we know Hal and Don Gately dug up Himself's head while John Wayne stood look out. In the "professional conversationalist" section Himself says he has an entertainment cartridge in his head. I'm just floating this out there, but what if the entertainment cartridge in Himself's head is what Steeply is referring to on page 126 when he asks "this quote 'anti'-Entertainment"? Marathe says they "have no evidence except craziness of rumors." It's probably a long shot idea, but if Himself making the "antidote" film and putting it into his own head doesn't fit under a possible "craziness of rumors" category, I don't know what does. After all, it has been suggested that Hal actually watched the Entertainment. I personally don't buy that he did, because going out and digging up a body is too active compared to the sedentary response most viewers typically show, but who's to say Hal's tremendous intellect couldn't be brought to bear on the situation?

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