Importing Burned CDs -- frowned upon?

Importing Burned CDs -- frowned upon?

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Hello there,

Before the air is filled with a collective gasp and alarm bells begin to sound as people descend with fingers waggling disapprovingly, hear me out.I've always grabbed single tracks from when I don't want to hear a whole CD, but lately, I've been buying whole albums digitally. This is mainly because I've been taking advantage of Amazon's cloud player (buy a track or album, it's stored online and you can stream or even download from many devices).So now, instead of deciding which albums to buy digitally and which to get a physical copy of, I think I want to move to just getting the digital copies and then burning a copy of the MP3s to CD to import into Kscape. This will allow me to have my latest music at home, work and on the go without having to bring the CDs with me (or SD cards) and importing at various locations (including Kscape).Now, I know that I can TECHNICALLY do this, but is it frowned upon?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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