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Eye health???

PříspěvekNapsal: úte 05. čer 2018 16:31:27
od crowek

I'm struggling with my health issues as well. The diabetic neuropathy marches on, as well as the rest of the chitola. My latest is a kind of eyelid twitching that is very fast and rhythmic. Now, twice this week, when I woke up for work, my left eye doesn't open with my right eye. Lovely. I cannot find anything online to explain it, as most people who have had this happen have doctors who are clueless. Or suggestions of dry eyes being the problem. Really? The same eye? I had no infection, discharge, matting. The eye just needed me to open the eyelid with my finger. Truly, the twitching is so fast, that it really seems to be an electrical signal. If anybody can explain it, I guess I need to call my neurologist. I had a clean bill of health recently at my ophthalmologist exam, only a couple of months ago. So, I'm scared to death this is the small nerves in the eyelids, or whatever. Have you ever heard of this one? Would this possibly be autonomic neuropathy signs?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.