Nike React Presto Shoes

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Nike React Presto Shoes

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One of this Summer’s most anticipated lifestyle shoes is undoubtedly the Nike React Presto Men's/Women's, a new model that combines the most identifiable aspects of both entities into one sleek silhouette. Set to release in a plethora of colorways beginning in May, this hybrid features a bootie construction with an exterior heel cage with a more anatomical design, suede overlays on the heel, and thick roped laces.


The new midsole is comprised of the deep grooves seen in models such as the Nike React Presto Shoes running series as well the React Element 55/87 model, while the exaggerated heel nods to the Presto’s original design. For this debut series, Nike has opted to bring back some of the original characters from 2000; familiar picks such as the “Brutal Honey” and “Rabid Panda” are emblazoned with the illustrations on the insole, while some newer icons such as a Lava Lamp and White Ghost have emerged.

Although it features a brand-new React midsole and abstract midfoot cage, the Cheap Nike React Presto is a shoe that’s very much inspired by OG Nike Prestos and their special characters, so now a new “Witness Protection” colorway has been revealed. Combining earthy black, brown, and tan tones on its upper, these Prestos present a natural look, one that’s furthered by the cored-out sail React midsole with further brown/tan embellishments. Although the color scheme is certainly compelling, the best part of the design is mostly hidden from sight, as it appears on the insole.

It’s a signature Presto cartoon figure; one that appears to be an undercover officer of the law complete with aviator sunglasses and a conspicuous mustache. This could very well be a modern-day nod to the OG “Shady Milkman” Presto, but homage or not, it’s a versatile colorway that’s put over the edge by its special detailing.

Japanese retailer/label BEAMS has been privy to several exclusive drops from Nike, and their lead buyer may have leaked what’s next in their channel private issues. sng1980 of BEAMS revealed a never-before-seen iteration of the Sale Nike React Presto in a haphazard colorway that presents a haphazard color-blocking on the medial side and a subdued white/grey on the lateral. Additionally, his shots reveal a new illustration planted on the insole that mirrors the same dual personality of the shoes, while a side-by-side with the Nike Presto “Greedy”, previously a BEAMS exclusive, suggests that this will also be available through their doors only.
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