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The Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) is a system that adds precision to the commercial GPS. It corrects GPS signals Under Armour Shoes Outelt , and provides a more exact location. No additional equipment is necessary to use the WAAS.

The Wide Area Augmentation System is a joint project of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the DOT Department of Transportation. The agencies devised the system to use for airplane landings that require precision, such as landing on the deck of a ship. The equipment is useful for commercial GPS needs as well as for military and commercial aircraft.


The initial intention was to have airplanes depend on GPS for all segments of a flight, including the precision approach to landing strips in a specific area of coverage. However Under Armour Shoes Sale , it was determined that the GPS system alone fell short of the requirements established by the FAA for “accuracy, integrity, and availability.”

The Wide Area Augmentation System corrects GPS signal mistakes. Errors are brought about by disruptions in the ionosphere Cheap Under Armour Speedform Shoes , miscalculations in timing, and orbit inaccuracies. The Wide Area Augmentation System meets FAA regulations and provides crucial and reliable data about the well-being of each GPS satellite. The Wide Area Augmentation System supplements GPS and supplies an accuracy that gives an aircraft the precision needed for a safe approach in any type of weather.

How does it Work?

The Wide Area Augmentation System network contains about 25 Wide-area Reference Stations (WRS). These are ground reference bases located all over the U.S. These stations monitor information that flows from the GPS satellites and evaluate small deviations in GPS signals. The data is broadcast to the three Wide-area Master Stations (WMS).

What are the Benefits?

The Wide Area Augmentation System has several advantages, including:

. An expansive inland and offshore coverage
. A WAAS-enabled receiver pinpoints a location within three meters
. It is not necessary to buy more receiving instruments or pay user fees to use the WAAS

Are There Disadvantages?

The Wide Area Augmentation System has these limitations:

. While a Wide Area Augmentation System signal reception is perfect for open land and marine applications Cheap Under Armour Curry Shoes , forests or mountainous terrain blocks out the horizon, causing poor reception
. The Wide Area Augmentation System currently only covers the United States, but the plan is to extend the system to other nations.
. An airplane making a Wide Area Augmentation System approach must have an official GPS receiver.

The Wide Area Augmentation System is capable of providing aircraft with the precision needed for safe approaches and in-flight navigation in all kinds of weather. The WAAS is rapidly becoming a standard component of the GPS system. New GPS receivers are now WAAS-enabled.

The Wide Area Augmentation System created a revolution in the aviation industry Cheap Under Armour Scorpio Shoes , but it is not just for aviation. A GPS receiver able to receive the WAAS signal uses the correctional information generated by the Wide Area Augmentation System and provide additional accuracy for a GPS location. The WAAS satellite only covers only North America at this time. However, other governments, such as Asia Cheap Under Armour Running Shoes , Japan, and Europe are working on their own versions of the Wide Area Augmentation System. Soon, users of the GPS system around the globe will soon be able to access information on their precise location.

Mike Moore is published on more than 200 websites. He writes recreational and commercial transport topics that cover topics from Fleet management and Commercial Trucking Equipment to Travel and Personal GPS Systems. He is published on various website including http:www.drivengps

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