main keyword to show your website in search results

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main keyword to show your website in search results

Příspěvekod windqkik » úte 17. zář 2019 3:50:19

As we all know Air Jordan 12 For Sale , information is what attracts visitors. A friend of mine told me something interesting and I would like to share it with you: "Content, Vladimir, is the KING!"- Right you are, mate!

Reality, go and check! Type something in a search engine like Google Air Jordan 13 For Sale , Yahoo, or whatever. Search on a specific topic. Search engines count on content when displaying results. Again... "Content is the King!".

That's why, the next thing you should do is to start thinking of the topic of your website when you want a new one. Let's concentrate on the topic, by asking you a simple question... "What's the main topic which BEST describes your website?"

Here's the John example: John is selling gardening tools. Well John, the main topic of his website is "gardening". The reason I'm asking you to find a word which best describes your website is because search engines nead a reason to read the content Air Jordan 11 For Sale , index it, and display it in their search results.

We'll try together to provide a good reason for each search engine, like John did. When people search for the "gardening" topic, they find John's website. Isn't that clever?

The content will directly relate to your topic. That's why the search engines will need a main keyword to show your website in search results. Let's give 'em a good reason to list your website on their first page of search results!

Our John, has chosen his main keyword: gardening. You should think of a good one Air Jordan 1 For Sale , too, which best resembles your website's content. Let me give you an example...

Google declared last year that they had over 250-300 million searches per day. Well, don't belive them, other experts suspect the number is much higher.

If you come up with a good keyword for your website, you'll get a lot more visitors considering those big numbers from statistics. So Air Jordan For Sale , now you have the topic. John had one too - "gardening".
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