Give me your low calorie/low fat recipes for chicken/turkey

Give me your low calorie/low fat recipes for chicken/turkey

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I've been on a diet now for a little over six weeks, and I've been eating a lot of lean proteins-- skinless chicken breast, lots of fish, turkey, lean pork, cuts of beef and ground beef. The problem is, I'm stuck in a rut with ways to prepare them. Chicken breast I usually just buy in a bag, cut up into slices (for salads). Beef, pork, and fish are usually just seasoned-- usually with salt and pepper, but occasionally with lemon pepper, Emeril's Essence, and simple stuff like that-- then pan fried or broiled. I'm getting kinda tired of it. So, as any good Arsian would do, I turn to the hive mind for suggestions. Got any recipes for marinades or sauces? One dish meals would be good, too. Any suggestions are welcome, really, just try to keep it low calorie & low fat.

Please help

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Thank you
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