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Allergic reactionSymptoms can includerash hives itchyredswollenblisteredor peeling skinwith or without fever wheezing tightness in your chest or throat swelling of your facelipstongueor throat.

Rash hives itchyredswollenblisteredor peeling skinwith or without fever trouble breathing tightness in your chest or throat swelling of your facelipstongueor throat.

DisclaimerOur goal is to provide you with the most relevant and current informationHoweverbecause drugs interact differently in each personwe cannot guarantee that this information includes all possible interactionsThis information is not a substitute for medical adviceAlways speak with your healthcare provider about possible interactions with all prescription drugsvitaminsherbs and supplementsand over-the-counter drugs that you are taking.

Famciclovir is as well tolerated as acyclovirComplaints of nauseadiarrheaand headache occurred in clinical trialsbut at frequencies similar to those reported by placebo recipients137 No clinically significant drug interactions have been reported to datealthough concentrations of famciclovir among volunteers increase by about 20in patients receiving concomitant cimetidine or theophylline administration138.

It is not known if famciclovir is excreted into human breast milkWomen may wish to consider an alternative to breastfeeding if famciclovir is taken.

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