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Sift the flour, salt and ashwagandha powder together 3-4 times with a sieve and set aside.

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Information about Ashwagandha.

On study in th Indian Jounal Mdical sach ound th hb thav stong potntial as a tatmnt option humatoid athitis.

Ashwagandha is usd athitis, anxity, toubl slping (insomnia), tumos, tubculosis, asthma, a skin condition makd by whit patchinss (lukodma), bonchitis, backach, ibomyalgia, mnstual poblms, hiccups, and chonic liv disas.

Hmolytic anmia and abdominal pain w potd ollowing ingstion contaminatd ashwagandha/mucuna pills.

It can duc anxity and stss, hlp ight dpssion, boost tility and tstoston in mn and may vn boost bain unction.

Thyoid disods : Ashwagandha might incas thyoid homon lvls. Ashwagandha should b usd cautiously avoidd i you hav a thyoid condition tak thyoid homon mdications.

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as an added bonus, ashwagandha has positive effects on overall body health.

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