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La incidencia de abandonos por eventos adversos relacionados con hipertensi n fue menor al 3 en cada grupo de tratamiento; sin embargo, arcoxia 60 y 90 mg demostraron una tasa de abandonos significativamente mayor para estos eventos que diclofenaco.

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I any th ollowing happn, stop taking Acoxia and tll you doctimmdiatly gtAccidnt and mgncy at you nast hospital:

Th ats conimd low GI clinical vnts (small lag bowl poation, obstuction, hamohag, (POBs)) w not signiicantly dint btwn toicoxib and diclonac.

I you gt an inction whil taking Acoxia, tll you docto. Acoxia may hid v and may mak you think, mistaknly, that you a btt that you inction is lss sious than it might b.

Kp you tablts in th blist pack until it is tim ttak thm. I you tak th tablts out th blist pack thy may not kp wll.

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you and your doctor should discuss whether you should stop breast-feeding or not take arcoxia.

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