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If you miss taking a dose of clozaril for more than 2 days do not start taking it again.

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Information about Clozaril.

Patients who have low WBC counts because of benign ethnic neutropenia should be given special consideration and may only be started on Clozaril with the agreement of a haematologist.

Data from two large observational studies showed that elderly people with dementia who are treated with antipsychotics are at a small increased risk of death compared with those who are not treatedThere are insufficient data to give a firm estimate of the precise magnitude of the risk and the cause of the increased risk is not known.

Initiation of treatment is recommended at a particularly low dose12.5 mg given once on the first daywith subsequent dose increments restricted to 25 mg/day.

Undesirable alterations in lipids have been observed in patients treated with atypical antipsychoticsincluding ClozarilClinical monitoringincluding baseline and periodic follow-up lipid evaluations in patients using clozapineis recommended.

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2 warnings on clozaril causing nervous system disorders.

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