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Amoxil is contraindicated in patients who have experienced a serious hypersensitivity reaction e.

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Antibiotic mdicins can caus diaha, which may b a sign a nw inction. I you hav diaha that is waty bloody, stop using amoxicillin and call you docto. Dnot us anti-diaha mdicin unlss you docttlls you to.

Lvatd sum and uinay lvls amoxicillin a likly tact ctain laboatoy tsts. Du tth high uinay concntations amoxicillin, als positiv adings a common with chmical mthods.

Sv skin action – v, sthoat, swlling in you ac tongu, buning in you ys, skin pain, ollowd by a d pupl skin ash that spads (spcially in th ac upp body) and causs blisting and pling.

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