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First Impression

You must sign-up at www.betonline.ag site – if you download their poker client first and expect to be able to sign-up through it, you will just get taken back to the site.
Once signing-up, you get to the BetOnline Poker lobby, which looks better than what I anticipated based on their site. I like the colours (red and white) and the operation. Whereas many poker sites have a pop up for the reception, BetOnline Poker simply has buttons in handy places to filter the games. A massive area like PokerStars requires a more thorough filter function – that’s clear – but BetOnline.ag does it exactly the ideal way to get a smaller internet poker room. Thus far so good.
Software Graphics
As someone who likes to observe businesses pay attention to detail, I was disappointed after viewing BetOnline’s table graphics. How do a site where people play for real cash seem like what you seen in the screenshots on top of the page? Can you see how the chips stack along with these cards onto the board? And how the bet virtually overlaps how big this pot? And how do everything looks?
You might not see it in the screenshots, but the chips are fuzzy also.
So it was time to join a match. Turns out, there is a lot to enhance in the animations and that I disliked the noises as well. Depending on the sounds and looks, it might be hard to realize how BetOnline may be one of the most popular US poker websites, but they are definitely top-3 substance.
I liked that they have buttons for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and complete pot bets in addition to a slider.
You need to give them credit for having the most deposit choices and some of the fastest withdrawal options among US websites. During these times, locating a US-eligible gambling site that excels in cash transactions is harder than it may seem.
US people have three approaches to deposit money to BetOnline:
Credit, debit and gift cards.
The card deposit fee at BetOnline Poker is higher than at any other US poker site – a hefty 6% – which is unfortunate considering card deposits are the easiest and fastest deposit approaches for US poker players. In reality, the only other US poker area to charge anything at all to get a credit card deposit is Bovada (4.9%).
BetOnline Poker covers all of MoneyGram?? deposit fees for deposits of $300 or more; otherwise there’s a fee depending on the amount you deposit. Deposit limitation is $300-$9,000 plus it typically takes max. 60 minutes to get a deposit to go through after you’ve sent BetOnline the control number.
According to their cashier page, BetOnline has“one of the largest selections of deposit and payout options from the market“ (but just those mentioned previously can be found for US customers). They also boast that all of these approaches are safe and dependable. Customers who want help making a deposit can always contact the site’s help desk or talk to a representative through live chat.
Here’s a list of the deposit options available:
Visa via Person to Person
Person to Person
Money Orders
Book to Book
Bank Wire Transfer
Diners Club
Visa Person to Person
Visa via Person to Person
Visa added person to person payments among their services in 2011. The support is similar to PayPal; it allows Visa card holders to forward payments to additional card holders. This option is not available to Mastercard holders, and it is limited to sending funds from a Visa account to another Visa account. You couldn’t send money into someone’s bank account via this service.
If you have used PayPal or any other online wallet, you will be familiar with how to utilize this service. You do a transfer using their Visa card number rather than the PayPal address. If they have connected their email or phone number for their accounts for this purpose it is possible to use that info instead.
For gamblers in america, this makes it much easier to fund their accounts. While many gaming sites accept payments via credit card, most credit card companies diminish any transaction that is coded for this use. A individual to person transfer doesn’t require the exact same kind of consent, which makes your chances of getting your move through almost foolproof. At BetOnline, your minimum deposit utilizing this approach is $50, and your maximum deposit is $1000.
BetOnline also takes deposit using Visa as a regular credit card. The minimum deposit is $50 with this procedure, and the maximum deposit is $1000. Including the use of prepaid Visa cards. Acceptance rates vary, depending on what country you are playing from. In case you have issues with your card declining, consider using the Visa individual to individual option.
MasterCard works just like Visa; it’s just a different credit card payment option. The same $50 minimum and $1000 maximum apply. In accordance with one website, MasterCard includes a lower acceptance rate at online gaming websites than Visa. I’ve seen a different source that says MasterCard comes with an acceptance rate of 70% as compared to 25 percent with Visa.
Person to Person
Person to Person transfers allow individuals to transfer cash internationally. Numerous providers for this service exist, and you can pick from a listing in the cashier section of the site. BetOnline covers any applicable fees when you make a deposit of $300+. Like the other deposit options already mentioned, a $50 minimum and a $1000 maximum use.
Money Orders
A great deal of places sell money orders, including major retailers like Walmart. Other places selling money orders comprise gas stations and check cashing businesses. To deposit via money order, you first have to purchase the money order, then you send it to the casino, rather via FedEx or UPS. BetOnline credits your account whenever they get the money order.
They simply make this choice available to players in the USA, and you have to get hold of the site before creating your deposit using this technique. The minimum deposit using a money order is $300, and the maximum is $9000.
Skrill is a UK company that used to be known as Moneybookers. Their business model focuses on enabling customers to earn affordable cash transfers globally. Should you deposit by sending cash through your Skrill account, you get credit instantly. This option is not available to Canadian residents. The minimum deposit using Skrill is $10, but there is not any maximum. This makes Skrill the deposit method of choice for the two low-rollers and high-rollers.
Neteller is a similar ceremony to Skrill. Using Neteller to finance your account requires that the input of your Account ID, Secure ID, and the amount that you need to move. Like Skrill, the minimum deposit is $10, and there’s no maximum deposit amount.
Book to Book
If you’ve got an account at an internet sportsbook, then you may have the ability to transfer funds from there to BetOnline. In reality, if you do that, BetOnline will cover the withdrawal fees. Not all sportsbooks take part in the program, however, so contact support to determine which ones participate in this system. Also, you cannot get a deposit bonus on any money transferred in this manner. There’s a minimum of $500 and no maximum when utilizing this deposit procedure.
The following cashouts approaches are US-eligible:
Check withdrawals take anywhere from 7-30 days depending on how much you’re prepared to pay; for a 7-day delivery, the cost is $50, and to get a 30-day delivery, the fee is $25.
BetOnline Poker’s MoneyGram?? withdrawal fees will be 10%-26%, it takes 36-48 hours to process the withdrawal and also you can withdraw $100-$800 at one time.
Compared to the number of deposit options available, BetOnline has comparatively few withdrawal methods, but that’s typical of most operators from the industry. Receiving a credit to your Visa or MasterCard is not that appealing an option anyway; many players would rather get their hands on actual cash when possible. The next withdrawal methods are available:
Person to Person
Bank Wire Transfer
Book to Book
Person to Person
Just because you can transfer cash from someone to another in order to finance an online betting account, you also can get your winnings through Individual to Individual transfers, too. These usually take between 12 and 36 hours to process, and players are limited to creating two trades per week via this method. The cost for a withdrawal of this type varies from $26 to $101. The minimum withdrawal using this method is $50 and the maximum is $790. The fees for this type of withdrawal create this an unwieldy solution in the best, since you’re looking at a minimum of at least 10 percent of the winnings being lost to fees.
Bank Wire Transfer
Bank wire transfers can be found as a drawback method if you are withdrawing at least $500. There’s a max of $15,000 each trade. The charge for a bank wire transfer ranges from $45 to $75. When dealing with larger quantities of cash, this is a modest enough transaction fee. But these take a week to ten days to process, so this option isn’t as fast as the individual to Person transfer.
You can Get a check to your withdrawal through some of the following approaches:
Regardless of the method, the minimum withdrawal amount is $500, and the maximum is $2500. The fee for getting a check via regular email is $25, and it requires up to 30 days to receive your funds. A check via courier is faster (15 times ) but prices $35. The state option ensures that you’ll receive your payment in seven days, but this option entails a $50 processing fee. No matter which option you choose, BetOnline requires that you deposit your check into a bank account.
Skrill and Neteller
Withdrawals through Skrill or Neteller are handled in the exact same fashion. They take 36 hours to process, and you’re able to make a maximum of 3 withdrawals each week. You must always wait at least a day involving withdrawals, tooe.g. . , should you withdraw $500 on Monday, you can’t make another withdrawal until Wednesday. The minimum withdrawal amount is $25, and the maximum amount is $8000. They charge a $20 fee for a withdrawal through this method, making this the most affordable withdrawal alternative. Skrill is not available as an option for Canadians.
Book to Book
This is the fastest withdrawal method available. Book to Book Entrance require a maximum of 24 hours to process, however their cashier pages says that they“strive to complete the move within just a few hours“. They do charge fees for this service, however they don’t outline those fees on their cashier page. Rather they ask clients to get in touch with their live help agents. This might be because prices differ from sportsbook to sportsbook, and not all sportsbooks take part in the program. The maximum withdrawal through this approach is $15,000 a week. The minimum is $500.
Deposit Bonus
BetOnline.ag provides a 200% deposit bonus up to $2,500 ($1,250 is therefore the maximum that is applicable to the incentive ). BetOnline releases the deposit bonus in five stages; the country you are in depends on how many points you have earned. You earn points based on how much rake and tournament fees you perform with. One dollar in rake or penalties equals ten points, and you need 250 points to release ten dollars in bonus cash.
BetOnline Poker has a little over 300 real-money players simultaneously online normally. It belongs to the top-5 of US online poker rooms however is significantly more than 2,000 players significantly less than at Bovada Poker, over a 100 players less than at True Poker and tens of players less than at Carbon Poker.
Since BetOnline possesses a sportsbook and a casino along with their poker room (in actuality, they are famous for their sportsbook) which I assume brings players – the best kind of gamers to play – to the poker room.
But, Bovada and Carbon both have casinos and sportsbooks as well so that on its own isn’t a good enough reason to choose BetOnline.
Customer Support
Considering that BetOnline’s poker software isn’t high-quality, I anticipated them to excel at client service. How else could you explain the prevalence of their poker room?
Turns out I was wrong, big-time. In fact, through their live chat support (and I just have to mention it in this BetOnline review)I had the worst customer service experience in my entire life so far.
Following the live chat session began, I had to wait for a couple of minutes until the customer support person bothered to answer, not only completely ignoring my question but asking for my password and username as well. Would you feel comfortable entering your username and password into some live chat box? I sure didn’t.
I clarified that I do not wish to enter that information into a chat area and, more importantly, the query requires no such advice because it was about BetOnline.ag in general. I had to wait for ten minutes for“help“ (I use that word loosely ), while receiving“Thank you for waiting. I will be with you in only a moment…“ every now and then.
So after waiting ten minutes, the customer support man insists that I must provide my password and username to have any help. However, I hadn’t signed-up yet so I did not have these. And again, the question had nothing to do with my personal particulars and everything to do with BetOnline.ag Poker generally.
Now here is the best part: while I’m composing a reply – and I started writing right after I received the message which I waited for about 10 minutes – I have thrown from this chat room, along with an Automated message:
„The customer service representative hasn’t got a reply from you for a while.“
Yes, perhaps because it took you all that time to reply to my own message. That was the worst chat service session .
This Bet Online Poker evaluation had a negative finish but the reality is that US players should consider websites like Bovada.lv and Carbonpoker.ag prior to going using BetOnline; although making predictions is impossible, those sites seem safer options and have more participant visitors.
Is BetOnline Legal?
The legality of BetOnline’s company is much more complex than that of other sites like Carbon Poker. That’s because they provide more than one product, and the laws for all those services change. For example, in the United States, offering sportsbook providers is prohibited under the Wire Act. On the other hand, casino games and poker games aren’t covered by this law, but other state laws may apply.
BetOnline operates under a license from Panama City, Panama. In terms of the laws of that nation, their entire operation is completely legal. The web creates some confusion about WHERE a wager takes place. The theory of a sportsbook like BetOnline is that the bet takes regions in Panama City, in which it is legal, but opponents assert that it isn’t as cut and dried as that.
The remainder of this section examines the legality of BetOnline’s business by activity.
The Legality of Sports Betting at BetOnline.ag
In the United States, the laws regarding sports betting are straightforward. The Wire Act forbids the transmission of data related to sports bets over the telephone. For purposes of the law, the world wide web is merely one more means of transmitting information over the phone. According to the FBI, it’s prohibited for BetOnline.ag to take sports bets from United States players.
That being said, a bettor has a minimum number of legal threat by putting such a wager. Laws like the Federal Wire Act are targeted at the firms taking the stakes, not the people placing the wagers. Enforcement activity is also almost exclusively focused on the company operation on the other end of the transaction.
My advice is easy. Get in touch with a lawyer if you require legal counsel. Don’t rely on the information on this page or some other online webpage to generate a valid decision, and obey the laws in your jurisdiction.
That being said, your odds of being detained or prosecuted for placing a bet on a soccer game at BetOnline.ag are minimal, especially if you’re gaming low or medium high stakes. The more cash that you put online, the greater your risk.
What about Casino Games or Poker?
The Department of Justice has said that the Wire Act doesn’t apply to casino poker or games. But state laws do apply. By way of instance, in the state of Washington, it’s a felony to play poker online. I searched the BetOnline.ag site for advice about not accepting players from specific states and found nothing. My educated guess is that they accept players from anywhere in the USA.
That does not mean it’s legal. The proprietors of the company might have decided the risk-reward ratio has been right, and they’re likely to take players from the United States until they get caught. That does not mean it is illegal for you to play there. It doesn’t mean it’s legal. It merely means that it is dependent upon where you reside. BetOnline.ag leaves it up to the participant to decide whether or not it’s legal for them to play with there.
What about Games of Skill?
Some games of skill, like fantasy sports, are exempt from some laws about online gaming (like UIGEA, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act). Others, such as dominoes, Yahtzee, or spades are not clearly defined. I don’t have any reason to believe that playing dominoes for cash in the BetOnline.ag will get you in trouble with the FBI, but it doesn’t make it lawful.
Decision Concerning the Legality of all BetOnline.ag
For United States players, the legality of this operation at BetOnline.ag is murky and grey at best. Offering sports betting to U.S. based players is a fairly clear violation of the Federal Wire Act. That being said, what you are likely really wondering is how likely is it that you confront a legal threat.
The truth is that law enforcement rarely targets the customers of illegal companies. That’s why prostitutes are detained a lot more often than their clients. Your legal dangers are minimal, but you do face different dangers related to the legality of BetOnline.ag. If they were shut down by the USA authorities, like Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars have been in 2011, then you could wind up having some money that you can’t access as legally as you’d like to.
I will repeat my previous advice. Obey the laws where you reside. If you decide to do differently, limit your risk by just gambling amounts that you won’t overlook.
Is BetOnline Safe?
Note: I’ve included BetOnline in my list of top poker sites for US players because they’ve improved tremendously since the events described below. They now process withdrawals the second fastest from US poker sites and have not had complaints in a couple of decades.
Weird Ratings
Most internet poker information sites give www.betonline.ag high ratings (something to the effect of 5/5 or 10/10). You should question whether to trust those information sites. It’s reasonable to presume that they care more about advertisement income compared to their reader’s safety. Should you give BetOnline Poker five begins out of five, what could you provide a website like PokerStars? By definition, you could not give them more celebrities so those evaluations would suggest that Bet Online is about PokerStars‘ degree.
What Network Are You Currently ?
When www.betonline.ag Poker first came out in May, 2011, they lied about the network they were on. (Most online poker rooms are on networks, which means their player pools are shared with other internet poker rooms on the same network.) Their sportsbook has been in business for a long time but that is when they launched the poker room.
They publicly claimed to have their“very own“ system while in reality they were on Action Poker system which had a bad reputation.
Why is this is a big thing?
What a bizarre way to get started doing business! Lie to your customers that are supposed to deposit their hard-earned real money to your site. And they lied about something quite trivial (if they lie around less important things, what about more important stuff?) That is also simple for players to learn.
Why Do You Confiscate Our Money?
I have seen an abnormal number of complaints by gamers who’ve had a lot of money confiscated by BetOnline Poker. Even though some people today cheat at online poker – and a portion of the men and women who lost their money might have done so – the worst part was that BetOnline has not established the wrongdoing.
Numerous instances have popped up at online gambling forums. In some of them, the money was returned to players (usually after months of battling ) and sometimes they have retained the money.
The best thing the players who’ve been falsely accused of cheating did was to write concerning the issue at popular online forums. In fact, a well-known sports betting forum named SBR helped a participant who had had $65,000 confiscated to deal with BetOnline. BetOnline eventually returned the money to the participant since they had no proof of cheating.
Here are some other complaints about these:
Do Not Play On BetOnline
$37,000 Confiscated
$15,000 Confiscated
$14,000 Confiscated
I doubt anyone thinks that Bet on the internet is safe after reading those complaints and there is obviously a fantastic reason for this opinion. BetOnline is far from a site I’d suggest to a friend.
Cheating Is Too Simple Bet Online Poker allowed players to multi-account using the same online connection or different accounts on different rooms on the exact same network.
That’s right – one participant might have numerous accounts in the exact same table which is unheard of in the greatest internet poker rooms on earth.
What’s www.betonline.ag rigged? I doubt it, but at precisely the same time, it has has been too easy to deceive in BetOnline (no idea if that issue was fixed yet).
I Prefer to Maintain Passwords to Myself
Among the craziest chat conversations that I’ve read about: BetOnline Poker’s customer service representatives know everyone’s passwords. This occurred in July 2012, so

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BetOnline Poker Review
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