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Bactroban mupirocin ointment, 2 contains the rna synthetase inhibitor antibacterial, mupirocin.

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Systmic allgic actions, including anaphylaxis, uticaia, angiodma, and gnalizd ash, hav bn potd in patints tatd with omulations BACTOBAN, including BACTOBAN cam [s ADVS ACTIONS ].

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Tminimiz oal xposu th dug tchildn, a bast and/nippl bing tatd with BACTOBAN ointmnt should b thooughly washd pitbastding.

Dnot us anti-diaha poducts nacotic pain mdications i you hav any ths symptoms bcaus ths poducts may mak thm wos.

Sults th ollowing studis pomd with mupiocin calcium mupiocin sodium in vitand in vivdid not indicat a potntial gnotoxicity: at pimay hpatocyt unschduld DNA synthsis, sdimnt analysis DNA stand baks, Salmonlla vsion tst (Ams), schichia coli mutation assay, mtaphas analysis human lymphocyts, mous lymphoma assay, and bon maow miconucli assay in mic.

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