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You doctmasud you blood pssu and ound it tb tohigh. vyon has blood pssu. This pssu hlps gt you blood all aound you body. You blood pssu may b dint at dint tims th day, dpnding on how busy woid you a. You hav hyptnsion (high blood pssu) which mans you blood pssu stays high, vn whn you a calm and laxd.

In patints with an activatd nin-angiotnsin systm, such as volum- salt-dpltd patints (.g. thos bing tatd with high doss diutics), symptomatic hypotnsion may occu at initialization tatmnt with Avapo. Coct volum salt dpltion pitadministation Avapus a low stating dos [s Dosag and Administation (2.4)].

Quncy not potd : Athalgia, musculoskltal chst pain, joint stinss, busitis, muscl waknss.

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