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The arrangement for betting odds can vary depending on which portion of the planet you reside in. The two most common options used are Decimal and American chances . However, what is the distinction, how can you compute returns for each format and convert from one to the other? Read on to discover.

It’s very important to be aware that the demonstration disagrees, before we delve into examples about the best way best to compute bet yields which were presented in different odds formats.
American odds

Odds expression indicating return figure. With money odds, whenever there’s a minus (-) you lay that amount to win a hundred dollars, where there’s a plus (+) you win that amount for every hundred dollars you bet.

Calculating profits

Decimal odds are used in Canada, Australia and Europe. The format is a numerical representation of the return of a bet, which comprises the stake amount.

The potential return on a wager is quite simple to calculate simply by multiplying the amount you would like to wager by the Decimal possibilities offered — only remember that the return includes your bet. Here is an example of Decimal chances in a 1X2 football market from Pinnacle:

Calculating profits with odds

American chances are the default format used in the usa. They begin either having a positive or a negative sign, e.g. -110, or +120. A negative amount indicates the volume that must wager to make $100 profit (or the equivalent in your chosen currency) and a positive number indicates how much you could profit if you bet $100 (again, this would be the equivalent in your preferred currency).

With the example above, if you gamble $124 about the Washington Redskins -2.5 handicap with American odds of -124 plus they pay the spread, you’ll make $100 profit (and your original $124 stake). If you bet $100 on the Dallas Cowboys +2.5 handicap with chances of +112 and they pay the spread, it is going to return $112 gain (plus the initial $100 stake).

Just like with any chances format, the return and profit from a wager is pertinent to the bet amount. Using a $100 bet example is the most easy way to compute gains with chances that are American, but below is a formula.

If you use the Decimal or format, you’ll find the best odds the ultimate bookmaker with the highest limits and cheapest margins, with Pinnacle.

American odds vs. Decimal odds
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