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When i had no insurance and couldn t get my advair, i was wheezing terribly, even with the mega-hits of albuterol in my lungs.

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Coticostoids can low you immun systm, syou a mlikly tgt an inction pnumonia. 3,4 Avoid contact with popl whhav chicknpox, masls, oth contagious disass. Tll you povid i you hav any inctions, including tubculosis hps simplx th y.

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This mdicin may caus a ungus inction th mouth thoat (thush). Tll you doctight away i you hav whit patchs in th mouth thoat, pain whn ating swallowing.

Common sid cts using Advai a colds, sthoat, hoasnss, bathing poblms, cough, hadach, dizzinss, nausa, and vomiting. 3,4 Salmtol, on th mdications in Advai, can caus incasd hat at, high blood pssu, chst pain, tmo, nvousnss.

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